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Payment Processed

Congratulations , your payment was received for AAPA membership. 

Your next step, if you have not already done so, is to sign up to the website so you can enjoy some of the benefits afforded you as a member. 

You will notice in the top right hand corner of the website are a number of items to make note of.

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  • The first time you visit the website as a member you should click on Login , then Sign Up to establish a user name and password. (There is a approval process in place for new logins to prevent spamming, you will be notified when you are approved and can continue the process below.)

  • At each subsequent visit to the website you can login with the credentials you created. Signing In allows the system to recognize you as a member allowing you to view pages only available to members

  • After signing in, you should see your name where the "Log In" text was, showing that you are now signed in . Clicking on the down arrow takes you to your profile, you can visit that and edit as you desire

  • Your profile will show in the forum section if you choose to participate in that

  • The Member Dashboard is the starting point for members to view member only information. This section will continue to grow as we add additional information

  • Before you leave, please enter your name and email in the "Stay connected with us" if you desire to receive informational emails from AAPA. Submitting this form gives AAPA your permission to do this.  Emails will have an opt out  should you decide to no longer receive communications.

For questions, please use our Contact AAPA form or email us directly at

Thank You

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