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Listed below are videos of past presentations available. If you wish to pay for and obtain a CEU certificate after viewing, you may do so for presentations originally live less than a year ago. To pay, please follow a link to:

  • Payment page  and subsequent evaluation form and emailing of the Certificate.

  • If you already have paid for the CEU then Request your Certificate here.

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Round Library

March 14, 2024

Dr. Carla Shamblen DMSc, PA-C

Precision Medicine:
Moving Away From One-Size-Fits-All


1. Define precision medicine and other terms used to describe precision medicine, such as genomic or personalized medicine. 2. Describe the Precision Medicine Initiative. 3. Review the early triumphs and potential limitations of genomic medicine to include guiding treatment, risk assessment, early detection / prevention, and diagnostics. 4. Explore and discuss ethical, legal, and social implications inherent in precision medicine. 5. Apply genomic medicine approaches to a case example.

January 25, 2024

David W. Johnson, CEO

The Customer Revolution in Healthcare


Create a better understanding of the healthcare marketplace. Clarify the consumer's role in medical decision-making. Articulate strategies for optimizing benefit by patient advocates on behalf of their customers

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