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Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA)

Board Certified Patient Advocates

The members listed here have made a commitment to a career in patient advocacy.  The BCPA certified advocate convey important benefits:

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Patient Advocate Certification Board Logo
  • Knowledge - BCPAs have successfully completed comprehensive study in patient advocacy and update their knowledge regularly by participating in professional development education programs.

  • Experience - BCPAs work within the profession to maintain their certification.

  • Integrity - BCPA's commit to upholding the highest ethical standards by abiding by the PACB Ethical Standards for a Board-Certified Patient Advocate.

  • BCPA Designation

Rosie Oldham, BS, RN, LNCC, BCPA

Healthcare without the Hassle

Service Type:

Patient Advocacy, Care Coordination, Provider Navigation

Expertise In:

Question Everything!

Michelle Riddle BCPA

Complete Dignity

Service Type:

Patient Advocacy, Care Coordination and Management, Provider Fee Negotiation, Healthcare Navigation, Health Insurance Billing Denials and Appeals

Expertise In:

Billing/insurance, medical appointments, hospitalization navigation, transitions in care, and general patient advocacy for patients of all ages and ailments

Bridget Jablonski MSN, MBA, RN, VA-BC, BCPA

Vital Link Healthcare Advocates

Service Type:

Adult Medical Navigation
Decision Support
Prevention & Wellness

Expertise In:

Oncology, Transplant, Infertility, General Medical and Surgical, Chronic Disease Management, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), Vascular Access

Althea Halchuck EJD, CT, BCPA

Ending Well Patient Advocacy

Service Type:

End-of-Life Consulting, Adult Mediation

Expertise In:

Advance Care Planning, Healthcare Surrogate issues, clinical family meetings, mediation, end-of-life, and hospice

Carolyn Bennett BSN, RN, BCPA, CSA,

Healthmatch Advocacy

Service Type:

Medical Navigation, Care Coordination

Expertise In:

Aging Issues, Provider Coordination, Insurance Reviews, Medical Tourism

Melissa Cardine MSN, RN, WOCN, BCPA

The Bridge RN Advocates

Service Type:

Adult Medical Navigation, Geriatric Services, Care Coordination

Expertise In:

Dementia, Neurological, Cancer, Hospital discharge to home, Rehab

Janie Dalrymple RN, BCPA, CEOLD, CLNC

Your Patient's Advocate

Service Type:

Adult Medical Navigation,
Geriatric Services,
End of Life

Expertise In:

I offer assistance with medical appointments, hospitalizations, medication set-up, and end-of-life decisions including POA paperwork.

Jodie Pang-Diekevers LMSW, BCPA

The Pang Collaboration PLLC

Service Type:

Adult & Pediatric Medical Navigation,Mental & Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse

Expertise In:

Patient advocacy, safety, & rights; substance abuse/behavioral health; medical ethics; hospital processes; geriatric services; billing/insurance

Nancy Keller PhD, BCPA

Stepwise Patient Advocacy LLC

Service Type:

Adult Medical Navigation, Care Coordination, Rare Diseases

Expertise In:

Reproductive Biology / Fertility, Autonomic Dysfunction, Type 2 Diabetes, Metabolic Bone Disease, Scientific Medical Research, Clinical Research

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